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     Post subject:A tribute to Rex
    PostPosted:Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:56 pm 

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    Hey guys, I know I'm not known for serious posts around here but this one is and I ask if you choose to respond you treat it with respect. This is a tribute to my black lab Rex who was diagnosed with spleen cancer which was discovered in the prep stages for a minor surgery and will soon be crossing to the great unknown. Although Rex is still alive I'm writing this piece as a eulogy, that I plan to deliver.

    Spleen Cancer is apparently a symptom-less disease, Rex is still happy and relatively healthy for being fourteen, he still runs, and plays and, runs away, and eats like a stoner. The vet said sometime in the near future his spleen will rupture without warning and he will bleed to death internally which is horribly painful, so we're currently dealing with the decision of having him put to sleep peacefully or giving him another few weeks of seemingly happy life but the trade off is a painful death. I think that as long as hes enjoying life it makes sense to let him live but I'm at odds with my parents here. Regardless I think hes already gained ten pounds from the excess of treats we've fed him over the past two days. Anyways on to my tribute.

    Rex was a good dog and he was special from the day we brought him home. Although we only taught him a handful of a tricks he seemed to learn many more within days. He had the looks of a show dog, and with good reason. He was rescued from a breeder that had champion show dogs, but was cruel to his dogs and is no longer allowed to own pets. We were lucky to get Rex, as due to the high stock of the breed most of them were sent to be seeing eye dogs and the like.

    Rex was gentle as anything, although we lost a few pairs of sneakers to him, he only bit a person once. This person was breaking into my home, Rex's barking woke us, and when we came downstairs there was a grinning Rex, a small puddle of blood, a shattered window, and a man running and screaming. Somehow Rex just knew.

    He loved the water from the moment he was born and yet from age one onwards he began to do something really incredible. He would dive in the pool and get things off of the bottom. I'm sure that isn't that unheard of but I'd never seen anything like it before. He was also protective of small children in the water. He'd gently nudge them to the side of the pool so they could get out, it was almost like they could sense when they began to struggle or get tired.

    Rex was an adventurer, he wasn't content to sit in our backyard, but rather would wander far and wide despite the most expensive electric collar ever made. Rex was a dog with some serious balls, but because of how friendly he was neighbors didn't mind. Many neighbors had food bowls just for Rex, even neighbors that didn't own dogs. It wasn't uncommon for Rex to return with a ten foot stick, or half of a deer for that matter and sit contently in the backyard with it for hours.

    Rex was a champion and I've had him as long as I can remember. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him, and although I've never been a religious person I truly hope there is an afterlife for you Rex because you deserve it. Your better than any person or dog for that matter, and theres not a bad bone in your body. If theres anywhere to go you're going straight up, I love you man.

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