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Updater fixes
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Author:  Eji1700 [Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Updater fixes

I realize that updating on onlink is basically at a stop, if not totally dead.

That said finally having gotten windows 7 instead of XP I wanted to reinstall and give this a shot again. Sadly it's still a massive pain to get the game installed. Even if this is the end for onlink I was wondering if it would be possible to at least iron out the updater bugs.

Make the link for the updater on the site to the current version
Make the previous, current, beta buttons actually work.
Previous installs a version which doesn't let you past the verification screen
Current gets a download error,
and beta with full donwload for 64bit doesn't seem to work either.

At the very least just make it sync to the one beta that semi works so that those who do stumble upon this great game can give it a chance without having to dig through old forum posts and jump through hoops.

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